Oxy Poli-Cast
Oxy Poli-Cast
Episode 11 - Political Responsibility, Climate Change, and Police Violence with Dr. Christopher Sardo
Dr. Michael Christopher Sardo / Occidental College

Even if you don’t read comic books, you’ve probably heard the adage from Spiderman: “With great power comes great responsibility.” But what does it mean to be responsible or take responsibility, especially when it’s not clear that you’ve done something illegal, immoral, or wrong? Who should bear responsibility for climate change, global justice, or police violence? Today we’re switching things up, with Junko Anderson, Oxy class of ’21, interviewing our usual host, Dr. Christopher Sardo from Occidental College to talk about his work on political responsibility. We talk about what it means to be politically, as opposed to morally, responsible, and how this idea can change the way we think about challenges like climate change and police reform.

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