Oxy Poli-Cast
Oxy Poli-Cast
Episode 2 - Race, Anger, Protest, and Politics with Dr. Davin Phoenix
Associate Professor of Political Science Davin Phoenix photo: Steve Zylius/UCI

Conventional political wisdom states that getting people angry is a good way to get them to vote. My guest today, Professor Davin Phoenix, argues in his recent book, The Anger Gap: How Race Shapes Emotion in Politics, that for African-Americans, and other communities of color, anger functions differently. Because their grievances are not taken seriously by the political establishment, anger inhibits rather than encourages formal political participation – like voting – but encourages system-challenging behavior like protests and boycotts. Professor Phoenix and I talk about the role of race and emotions in politics, how we should understand the present political moment, and what all of this means for politics moving forward.

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