Oxy Poli-Cast
Oxy Poli-Cast
Episode 4 - Gender, Politics, and Leadership with Dr. Jennifer Piscopo
Jennifer M. Piscopo / Occidental College

Do women “naturally” make better leaders than men? While this has been a theme in political philosophy and science fiction for centuries, many point to the coronavirus pandemic as a natural experiment to test this question. My guest today, Professor Jennifer Piscopo, studies gender and politics, and we talk about female political leadership, why the “right to be elected” is as important for gender equality as the right to vote, and who Vice President Biden might pick to be his running mate.

Dr. Jennifer Piscopo is Associate Professor of Politics here at Occidental College. Her research focuses on gender and comparative politics, and has published extensively on gender quotas and legislative institutions in peer-reviewed scholarly journals. Her public writing has appeared in The New York Times, The LA Times, The Washington Post among others. She joined me to talk about gender representation and democracy, the role of female political leaders in responding to the coronavirus, and who Joe Biden might choose to be his running mate. We spoke a few weeks ago, so some of the political forces may have shifted, but her insights on to the general concerns driving Biden’s decision remain important.

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