Oxy Poli-Cast
Oxy Poli-Cast
Episode 5 - Gun Ownership, Political Identity, and the NRA with Dr. Matthew Lacombe
Dr. Matthew J. Lacombe / Barnard College

Why have gun control advocates been unable to effectively pass legislation on stricter gun restrictions, despite high profile mass shootings at schools, places of worship, night clubs, and concerts as well as significant public support many proposed measures? Many have suggested that the National Rifle Association has bought off members of congress to prevent any reform from passing. My guest today, Dr. Matthew Lacombe of Barnard College, argues that this is only partially correct. The most important way that the NRA exerts its power is by cultivating a sense of political identity around gun ownership and framing any gun control as a threat to that identity in order to motivate its members. We spoke about the NRA, gun-ownership as an identity, and what this means for gun control and the 2020 election.

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